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Looking Forward.

I’ve been eager to start up a blog again and asked myself, why hesitate? The past few years have been quite a journey and thinking of what lies ahead makes me excited, so here it goes. Heads up, there will be rambling attached with my mediocre photography and rants about triangular shaped things some wouldn’t understand. Posts about build threads, car events and job-related adventures of nonsense or awesomeness; you’ll be the judge of that.


To start off I’ll share with you a little about myself. I’m a Texan girl who moved out west determined to find my true purpose in life. I’m an automotive enthusiast/wrench turner, car audio fanatic/installer, and a passionate photographer with an itch to travel. Some days I feel completely lost, while other days the adrenaline is pumping through my veins; that rush is what I crave. I’ve realized, you can sit back and watch life pass you by or you can begin living it to the fullest, grab onto what inspires you and run with it. I hope my future posts encourage you in some way to find that drive within yourself; put your life in gear, drop the clutch and don’t look back.


A few things that make me smile:
RX-7’s, just about anything JDM for that matter.
FOOD (all of it)- diets never last :/
Animal LOVER- Shiba Inu mama
Rollerblading! So fun, Kyia pulls me along pushing me to go faster.
Nature-my way of resetting and finding inspiration


2013 Wrap Up


2013 was quite a journey and I met some incredible people along the way. Here’s a recap of some of the events that took place and photos I dug out from my archives to share with you all.

Throughout this year I assisted a few top automotive photographers whose work inspires my own. While in Texas I assisted Pepper Yandell Photography who photographed the hulk GTR and a 458 Spyder, which was featured on Profoto’s blog. I traveled to San Diego, Detroit and New Orleans with NotBland Automotive Photographyand had a blast with him and his team while he photographed Dodge’s pre-production vehicles. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Frederic Schlosser Photography while he visited from Germany and assisted him during the LFA and McClaren shoot. I met Britney Spears all because Jordan Shiraki with Lamborghini invited me to assist and prep the Aventador on her ‘Work B*tch’ video. I traveled to LA three weekends in a row- two of those to help on an Onyx Conceptphotoshoot with ShirakiPhoto & Design LLC and the other to attend one of my most sought-after events- SevenStock 16 to see some rotary madness. My camera and gear got a lot of use this year, I made some great friends and saw some mind blowing builds at TX2K, Formula Drift TX, ShiftSector, and Sevenstock.

Looking back, I was truly blessed this year. To top it off, I GRADUATED!
2013 you were great, 2014 lets make it even better.