2013 Wrap Up


2013 was quite a journey and I met some incredible people along the way. Here’s a recap of some of the events that took place and photos I dug out from my archives to share with you all.

Throughout this year I assisted a few top automotive photographers whose work inspires my own. While in Texas I assisted Pepper Yandell Photography who photographed the hulk GTR and a 458 Spyder, which was featured on Profoto’s blog. I traveled to San Diego, Detroit and New Orleans with NotBland Automotive Photographyand had a blast with him and his team while he photographed Dodge’s pre-production vehicles. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Frederic Schlosser Photography while he visited from Germany and assisted him during the LFA and McClaren shoot. I met Britney Spears all because Jordan Shiraki with Lamborghini invited me to assist and prep the Aventador on her ‘Work B*tch’ video. I traveled to LA three weekends in a row- two of those to help on an Onyx Conceptphotoshoot with ShirakiPhoto & Design LLC and the other to attend one of my most sought-after events- SevenStock 16 to see some rotary madness. My camera and gear got a lot of use this year, I made some great friends and saw some mind blowing builds at TX2K, Formula Drift TX, ShiftSector, and Sevenstock.

Looking back, I was truly blessed this year. To top it off, I GRADUATED!
2013 you were great, 2014 lets make it even better.



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